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Content on Transitized is focused around 3 primary areas of urban transportation in cities:


Walking is a basic human right. Think about it, and it sounds ridiculous – why would something as fundamental to our existence as walking have to be declared a right? Much of the built environment throughout human history has been oriented around transportation on foot – until the 20th century. Our cities were redesigned with automobile traffic in mind, sometimes creating hostile conditions for those on foot. The benefits of walking are numerous, yet much of the US population goes without the recommended 30 minutes of walking per day. Transitized promotes walking by advocating for safer, pleasant streets to walk on, and policies that encourage walkable, dense neighborhoods and public spaces.




Riding a bike is another activity that is great for us, great for the economy, and great for the environment. Not quite a pedestrian and not quite a driver, the place of the bike rider in the US is unclear. Transitized promotes the use of the bicycle as a distinct, practical mode of urban transportation, not just recreation or sport, with its own facilities designed with the unique properties of bikes and bike riders in mind. Cities that encourage bicycles as transportation free many residents from car dependency, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually that can instead be spent in the local economy. Read more about why investment in bike infrastructure is smart >


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Public transportation is how millions of people around the world move every day. It is a vital component of any city’s transportation network, but is often not planned with this sort of responsibility in mind. Buses and trains can move many people in a small space and is one of the most efficient ways of travel. Public transportation should be open and accessible to everyone at a low cost. Transitized promotes the use of public transportation by advocating for policies that encourage its use, growth, fair allocation of funding, and by promoting conceptual ideas that may spark interest in new and improved ways of getting around.



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