2013 Year in Review

December 31, 2013 at 7:25 am

Happy New Year’s Eve, all. I just want to take a quick second to thank those of you that come to read the content I post. I started writing a few years ago as a student just to work out some of my thoughts more constructively. It’s come a little bit further since then!

This year I published 81 posts. Here were the 10 most popular:

  1. The New Chicago Building Age Map
  2. Protected bike lane benefits, in one page
  3. Why do American streets treat bikes like cars and pedestrians?
  4. No more highways: IL-53 extension is wasteful
  5. Snow as natural traffic calming
  6. Why do buses keep bunching?
  7. Accommodating more bike traffic in Andersonville
  8. “Transit-Oriented Development” in Lakeview to feature 116 parking spaces
  9. Pedestrianized vision for Michigan Avenue
  10. Vision for a north-south connector in Chicago

If you’re a newer reader, the above list may come in handy when trying to find good past content!

I’d also like to thank the occasional opportunity I had to have my content cited in a medium with wider circulation, like Streetsblog, which refers a lot of readers. Chicago Mag also ran an article with bus-bunching data I compiled from 2012, and the¬†Sun-Times¬†published an editorial I wrote about what I felt was alarmism regarding potential plans for a new Lake Shore Drive.

2013 was a great year for walk/bike/transit in Chicago. Here’s hoping 2014 can be even better. And if you’re heading out tonight, be safe and take advantage of the free and/or extended public transit in San Francisco, Milwaukee, Chicago, and many more cities!