False Alarm

June 20, 2013 at 5:27 am

Yesterday I wrote about the intersection of Ashland/Leland’s pedestrian signal now always illuminating whenever the green light for cars was also illuminated. No push-to-walk necessary.

I received an email from Bill Higgins yesterday afternoon regarding the signals, which he said would be fixed. I was confused as I thought it had already been fixed, as it seemed to be functioning that morning without pushing the button to cross. He replied that the intersection was malfunctioning.

This morning, I saw this:


Ashland and Leland, apparently functioning properly. Credit: Shaun Jacobsen.

Oy, what does it say about our cities when an intersection that treats pedestrians as they should be treated is “malfunctioning”?

Hopefully the light will be programmed for pedestrian safety in the next few weeks.