Take CTA to the Auto Show?

February 6, 2013 at 5:50 pm


Spotted at CTA Wilson station (among others).

Sure! Take a look at all the shiny 5-seat sedans you’ll drive to work alone once you ditch the (relatively) cheap CTA as a way to get to work. Pay hundreds per month just to park it for most of the day and spend countless hours stuck in traffic jams.*

Listen, I get it. The Auto Show can be fun. But if you’re already taking the CTA, chances are you don’t need a car to get around most of the time. Why promote an event — in transportation stations, no less — that promotes a machine that has destroyed so many cities and lives?

You might take this as anti-car, but I’m not so blind as to think we can completely eradicate its existence. But we can (and do) promote things that create more livable, healthy, and safe communities, and it’s not a private vehicle. Why not put up a sign touting the environmental and financial benefits of taking “this” train to work every day versus driving? It’s just a sign, I know, but it says a lot more.

*Yes, the CTA gets delayed too. Luckily, transportation advocates here and elsewhere are mobilizing to make our transportation systems work better for everyone.