November 22, 2011 at 8:30 pm

I’m at home watching the latest Republican Debate, hosted by the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute. I did a little research about the stances of the Heritage Foundation and found myself becoming more and more distressed about their stances, specifically on transportation planning issues.

I’m a student of Sociology, French, and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. My primary interest is urban sociology and its relation to urban planning. I am also heavily interested in transportation planning. This blog is a collection of my thoughts related to urban planning and specifically urban transportation planning.

I needed a place to cogently compile my diatribes about urban issues today. To avoid confusion, I will make it clear: this blog will exhibit a bias. I wasn’t made out to be a journalist. I don’t consider myself a professional blogger. Nonetheless, I hope you find something on this blog that will entertain your mind.



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