Recommended Blogs


Streetsblog Network provides original reporting, analysis, and opinion on livable cities and transportation daily.

Streetfilms is a part of Streetsblog and features great videos about cities, urban design, and transportation.

Bikeyface has cute comics about riding a bike (including the fun and not-so-fun aspects).

Human Transit provides content mainly related to transportation system design and operation.

Critical Transit is a podcast dealing with transportation issues.

Systemic Failure, written by Drunk Engineer, makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time while reporting on transportation “fails” around the country.

The Transport Politic is a go-to resource for public transportation-related news in the US and abroad.

Economix is the New York Times blog on economics, and occasionally features transportation- and urban-related issues.

Local – Chicago

Streetsblog Chicago is the go-to source for all things dealing with livable streets in Chicago. Covers local issues on conditions for walking, biking, and using public transportation in Chicago.

Active Transportation Alliance is Chicagoland’s “active transportation” (walk, bike, public transportation) advocacy organization. Consider becoming a member and read the blog.

Bike Uptown is an advocacy blog seeking better conditions for bicycle riding in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

Bike Walk Lincoln Park is an advocacy blog seeking better conditions for people on foot and on bike in the Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Kevin Zolkiewicz’s Blog is a good read for transportation-related issues in the Chicago area.

Steven Can Plan is Streetsblog writer Steven Vance’s personal blog featuring posts about urban planning issues.

Local – Other US

Cap’n Transit Rides Again is a blog about transportation issues mainly in New York City.

Pedestrian Observations writes a lot about transportation in the Northeastern region.

Streetsblog NYC/LA/SF/DC are part of the Streetsblog network and deal with transportation issues in their respective cities.

Urban Milwaukee has lots of daily posts dealing with Milwaukee, where I used to live.

Car Free Baltimore is city planner Mark Brown’s adventure living car-free in a large US city. You can do it, too!


L’interconnexion n’est plus assurée est le blog d’Olivier Razemon du Monde. Si vous lisez le français je recommande ce blog.

Copenhagenize is the blog of Mikael Colville-Andersen at Copenhagenize Design Co. in Copenhagen and is a good resource for all things related to biking, especially “citizen cycling” (no Lycra allowed)!