Some unseen insights into the 2014 Divvy trip data

March 10, 2015 at 9:23 am

There are a few interesting insights into the 2014 Divvy trip data that I didn’t share in my post yesterday. These are either insights that are hard to find in the visualization, or that can only be found by querying the dataset. For instance:

The longest median trip duration was from Calumet Ave & 18th St to Wells St & Erie St, at 102 minutes. There were only 14 trips made, the longest being a little over 14 hours (this could be an error). Google says this trip should normally take 24 minutes by bike; of the 14 trips, 2 were made by annual subscribers, who clocked in right around 25 minutes. Calumet Ave/18th St is near Soldier Field, and Wells St/Erie St is in River North.

27.9 minutes is the largest trip savings over public transport, from Lake Park Ave & 47th St to Fort Dearborn Dr & 31st St. Google calculated this trip as taking 50 minutes by public transport (using buses 6, then 3), while the median Divvy trip was 22.5 minutes. There were 490 trips made in 2014. The reason this trip takes so long by public transport is because the #6 is an express bus to the Loop, where you would transfer to the #3, a local, and backtrack to 31st St. The same trip by Metra Electric is 22 minutes, but runs less frequently.

The largest time savings loss over public transport, where the median Divvy rider was 57.7 minutes slower than public transport, was from Blackstone Ave & Hyde Park Blvd to Millennium Park. The #6 bus takes 22 minutes, but the median Divvy trip took 80 minutes. Google says this trip should normally take 37.5 minutes by bike.

Only 34 station pairs require two or more transfers (e.g. bus > L > bus) to make the journey by public transport.

Trips between 67 station pairs involved taking Metra, the commuter rail system. Nearly all of these were on the Metra Electric line on the south side.

The shortest median trip duration was 90 seconds, from Paulina St & Montrose Ave to Ravenswood Ave & Montrose Ave. It was a little over 1 minute slower to walk; the distance between these two stations is just under 2 blocks.

The station pair with the largest amount of hours saved was from Theater on the Lake to Streeter Dr & Illinois St, where 4,898 riders saved a collective 1,085 hours over taking public transport. This is also a perfect tourist bike ride along the lakefront to Navy Pier, and the best transit option involves 30 minutes of walking and a bus ride.