Citi Bike Data Explorer

March 31, 2014 at 11:45 pm

Citi Bike, the bike share system launched in New York City last May, just released a ton of its rider data (like Divvy did some six weeks ago). Building off my Divvy Data Explorer, I created the Citi Bike Data Explorer.

Capture d’écran 2014-04-01 à 12.43.17 AM

You can see the layout and dimensions are the same (except temperature data), just with different data. And a lot more trips, covering more time! The dataset, as it exists now, is about 30 megabytes so I advise against downloading it on a cellular connection. It may take a few seconds to load – there are over 5 million trips so far, whereas Divvy had just under a million (Citi Bike has been around since May 2013, and also released data through February 2014).

Some things I immediately noticed that make Citi Bike stand apart from Divvy: A significantly larger amount of members (people who bought annual passes) are using Citi Bike, whereas Divvy users are more evenly split. Citi Bike definitely seems to be for commuting and more “practical” purposes of getting around, whereas Divvy is more heavily used for recreation.

I also noticed a small discrepancy between some of the numbers for passholder rides. The two “Unknown” wedges of the age and gender pie charts should match the “Passholder” wedge of the rider type chart. However, the largest discrepancy is 326 rides (0.0059% of all rides), so it should not impact the intended purpose of the visualization.

Leave your own insights in the comments below, and happy exploring.

Note: I’ve also created a new front page for the three bikeshare-related visualizations I’ve published at