Last chance to stop a 493-space parking garage next to Wrigley Field

November 13, 2013 at 10:58 pm

As has been covered before (here and elsewhere), there is a proposed 493-space parking garage to be built as part of the Addison Park on Clark development, right across Addison St. from Wrigley Field.

This development is being built a half block from the Red line (24 hour service) and several major CTA bus routes. 100 spaces will be licensed to serve the public (Cubs fans), and the other 393 spaces for the residential (just over 100 units) and commercial (health club, restaurants, bars) uses. With the recent TOD ordinance, the total parking required (minimum) is approximately 76 spaces. The developer is building 6 times as many spaces as necessary – some at the request of the local alderman. More parking in garages cannot solve any traffic problems that exist in Lakeview. What can help is creating a community that is less reliant on the automobile for mobility. Developments with housing and retail directly adjacent to a busy mass transit line is one way.

In Lakeview, household car ownership is 0.86 vehicles/household. A significant portion of Lakeview households have no car – as high as 35%. Adding more capacity for parking only increases the amount of traffic. Furthermore, the Cubs Traffic Study, recently completed, makes no suggestion to add parking capacity to the area to accommodate fans. The emphasis is on providing more transit, remote parking lots, and accessible information about how to reach the stadium without a car.

Tomorrow is likely our last chance to speak up against the exorbitant amount of parking. If you can make it, please go to the Zoning Committee meeting tomorrow, November 14 at City Hall starting at 10 AM in the Council Chambers. Unfortunately, the order in which items will be addressed is unknown, so the M&R development could come up early or be as late as 12PM.

Community input can make a difference. If you can make it (on such short notice), please tweet @transitized or leave a comment below.