Chicago: Please attend meeting about proposed protected bike lanes on Broadway!

July 19, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Chicago residents, if you can make it to a public meeting regarding protected bicycle infrastructure next Wednesday evening, please make your presence known!

Broadway in Uptown (46th Ward) may receive protected bike lanes between Foster and Montrose (about 1 mile long). This is currently an “urban speedway” with high-moving vehicles that is rarely at capacity, rendering the street not only dangerous for everyone using it, but also ineffecient for travel. There are two lanes in each direction, and no bike infrastructure – despite plenty of room for it. Any infrastructure that can be added will be beneficial for active transportation, but recommending certain enhancements (proper intersection treatments, bollards to keep vehicles out, and bike-sized bike traffic signals, etc.) could make this project even better. I’m planning to bring some of my ideas.


Broadway near Sunnyside in Uptown, which could look a lot different with better bike infrastructure. Image: Google.

As an Uptown resident, I acknowledge that this stretch of Broadway is in need of some TLC, and new bike infrastructure to make it safer to bike into Uptown will help. Along with other bike infrastructure improvements voted on in Uptown, infrastructure like this brings us closer to a more complete bike network.

As Bike Uptown and Active Transportation Alliance have already pointed out, this meeting is important as a way to get the word out about your support for protected bike infrastructure.

Date: July 31, 7 PM (next Wednesday)
Location: Weiss Memorial Hospital auditorium, 4646 N Marine Drive

RSVP with Active Transportation Alliance

I’m going, will you?