Paris Métro Art and Culture

March 20, 2013 at 9:01 am

From Japanese illustrator Tadahiro Usuegi for the Paris RATP’s “Love the City“* (Aimer la ville) campaign:


“1 familiar smile, a shared passion.”


“9 chapters down, 43 pages to go; A shared passion.”


“Demanding and exceeding expectations: 2 values the RATP shares with high-level athletes.”

Other than the setting of the images and the inclusion of line/route numbers in the writing, the ads don’t have much to do with public transportation. Some allude to cultural references (Mona Lisa has the same color tie as RATP employees).They’re just fun and emphasize the RATP as a Parisian asset.

*RATP translates “Aimer la Ville” as “Care for the City”, but this isn’t my preferred translation.